View Rights Activity History

Livefyre keeps an audit trail of your rights activity.

Livefyre tracks:

  • Requests sent to a social network user.
  • Replies from a social network user on rights requests.
  • Content status changes. Livefyre tracks which user changed the status and when they changed the status.
  • Notes entered by a user on a rights management request.
  • System error messages.

Livefyre automatically tracks rights requests for Instagram only if you use an Instagram business account to perform a search or stream by a business account author. If you obtained content from an Instagram search or stream by hashtag, URL, or location, Livefyre will only track manual actions performed in Livefyre (for example, Livefyre tracks if you manually grant rights).

  1. Click on Library to access the Asset Library.

  2. (Optional) Add content to folders using the Social Search.

  3. Open a folder and click on a piece of content that you saved from Twitter or Instagram. You can see where the content originated by looking at the icon on the piece of content. For example, a piece of content from Twitter has the Twitter logo on it.

  4. Click on the ellipsis icon that displays when you hover over the content card for More Options.

  5. Click Rights to open the Rights options window.

  6. View the history under Activity History.

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