Send a Partially-Automated Instagram Rights Request

You can request the right to reuse an Instagram asset you obtained from a search or stream by author (business account) using a partially-automated workflow.

Before you can send a partially-automated rights request you must:

  • Add an Instagram business account. For more information on how to configure an Instagram business account, see About Instagram Accounts.
  • Set up Rights Management. For more information on how to set up rights management, see Requesting Rights.

To request rights from Instagram for a search or stream by business account author using a partially-automated workflow:

  1. Open the Rights options window.

  2. Select the account to use to request rights. The account must be an Instagram business account.

  3. (Optional) Edit the request message. If the message is missing an element or a required element is misspelled, an error message displays that specifies the incorrect or missing information.

  4. Click Copy to copy the text in the box to your clipboard.

    Livefyre automatically copies the text from the box to the clipboard and displays a message confirming that you have copied the text.

  5. Click on the link in the confirmation message to open the post that contains the asset to which you are requesting rights.

    Livefyre opens the post in Instagram.

  6. Paste the copied rights request text into the Instagram post on Instagram.

  7. When the user responds, Livefyre automatically grants rights to the piece of content in Livefyre.

Livefyre tracks when you send the rights request, when a user responds, and when the asset rights are granted.

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