Requesting Rights

Learn how rights requests work. When you bring user-generated content (UGC) into a Livefyre App, the content includes tacit permission for reuse. You must have the author’s permission to use content from Twitter or Instagram.

The following rights statuses are available from the Library, App Content, ModQ, and AEM Commerce:

  • Granted. When the author grants you the right to reuse their content, the status of the asset changes to Granted.

  • Expired. Livefyre monitors the Instagram and Twitter stream for the author’s reply for 14 days. After 14 days, the request expires, the rights request status changes to Expired, and you can send a second request or remove the item from your Library.

  • Requested. Request permission for content from the Library. You can do this for one or more assets at a time. After you request permission, Livefyre sets the asset status to Requested.

  • Needs Review. If the author replies with a note that does not include your #approvalHashtag, the status of the asset changes to Needs Review.

  • Request Failed. Request failed to be sent (due to expired token, etc.).

  • Request Pending. Queues the Rights Request so that not too many are sent at one time.

You can request rights for assets you obtained from Twitter and Instagram. You must save the asset to the Library to request rights.

You must configure an Instagram business account to request rights for assets from Instagram using a partially-automated workflow.

You can only use this functionality for content you obtained from a search or stream searching by a business account. To request rights for content you obtained from a personal Instagram account, you must send rights requests manually.


For more information on the different kinds of Instagram accounts and how to use them, see About Instagram Accounts. For information on how to request rights for Instagram accounts, see Send Manual Rights Requests and Send Partially-Automated Rights Requests.

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