May 10, 2018

Release Notes for the May 10, 2018 release.

New Features

The following features are new in the production version of this release:

Privacy Requests (GDPR-ready). The following new features were added to Livefyre to allow users to generate access reports and to accommodate delete, opt-out, and opt-in requests:

  • New Privacy tab in Settings. You can use this tab to generate and view reports for users on whwhat personal data has been collected about them and provided to Livefyre. You can also generate opt-in and opt-out requests and delete accounts and all personal data associated with an account.

  • Javascript Flags. You can use Javascript flags to avoid tracking site visitors and add custom privacy text to video masks.

    • When a site visitor opts out, the customer implementation must indicate to Livefyre that the user has opted out before instantiating an App. Livefyre has created a way to do this with the JavaScript option, userPrivacyOptOut. For more on how to use userPrivacyOptOut, see .

      When the userPrivacyOptOut flag is set to true, any Apps on the page will not transmit data to Livefyre servers by using cookies or another method. Livefyre will then not update local storage with data that could be used to track site visitors. If a source doesn’t support a proxy, then Livefyre displays a mask on the content unless a user clicks on the video and approves the potential tracking from that source.

    • You can change the warning text that displays on video masks. If a source does not support a proxy, then Livefyre displays this text and a mask on the content unless a user clicks on the video and approves the potential tracking from that source. For more about how to change the warning text, see.

    • If you use your own custom videos and players as part of the videos that display in a Livefyre visualization App, you can allow-list your video domain. Allow-listing your video domain removes the video mask for your custom videos and players. For more about how to allow-list a video, see.

For more information on how to generate privacy requests that are GDPR-ready, see


The issues in the following tables were resolved in this release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement Studio Introduced new features allowing users to control personal data and privacy. For more on the new privacy features, see

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement Comments Fixed an issue where three profile labels were pointing to one user profile, but were not identified as pointing to the same profile.
Bug ModQ Fixed an issue where content marked by Moderation Recommendations as trashed was trashed, but didn’t display when trying to view all content (including trashed content).
Enhancement Studio Added more informative error messages for content that doesn’t display because it has been deleted from the originating social network.
Bug Studio Fixed an issue where moderation recommendations displayed when moderation recommendations were not turned on.

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