Release Notes

Release Notes for the November 15, 2018 release.

New Features

The following new features were released in the production version of this release:

  • Updates to Instagram search and stream. You can use an Instagram business account to:

    • Perform an Instagram social search by user (user must be an Instagram business account also).

    • Create Instagram streams from a specific Instagram user account (the account must also be a business account), including your own.

    • Request rights for assets from Instagram using a partially-automated workflow.

    • For information on what type of Instagram accounts you need to set up and requesting rights from Instagram, see About Instagram Accounts.

  • Automatic monitoring of usage rights request responses for business account-based searches. For business accounts-based searches only–the ability to automatically monitor responses to rights requests and update the activity history in Livefyre is available.

For more information on how to request rights for Instagram accounts, see Send Instagram Rights Request Manually and Send a Partially-Automated Instagram Rights Request.

  • Adobe Target integration. Added integration with Adobe Target allowing you to share Livefyre Apps directly to your Adobe Target Offers Library. For more information about using Livefyre with Adobe Target, see Target documentation.


The issues in the following tables were resolved in this release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Issue AppService: Livefyre Identity Fixed an issue where clicking on Reset to Default did not reset the logo under Login Modal in Studio > Integration Settings > Livefyre Identity to the default image.
Issue Library Fixed an issue where a video uploaded to the Library, then viewed in asset detail did not display correctly.
Issue Streams Fixed an issue that prevented products from displaying in a stream rule.
Issue Streams Fixed an issue where product tags were not available for a stream rule.
Enhancement Studio Fixed an issue where product ID was not showing up in Livefyre Studio.
Issue Studio: ModQ Fixed an issue where deleted content still displayed in ModQ after it was deleted.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Issue Social Component: Carousel Fixed an issue where the Share link did not respond and copy the URL as expected in IE11 and Mozilla Firefox.

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