May 24, 2018

Release Notes for the May 24, 2018 release.

New Features

Instagram Rights Requests, Update Part 1.

The ability to send rights requests in Instagram from Livefyre is not available due to an Instagram API change. Livefyre created a manual workaround for users to send rights requests. The ability to manually send rights requests using this method is avaiable in App Content, the Library, but not ModQ (will be delivered in a future release):

  1. Open an asset that you obtained from an Instagram post.

  2. Open the Rights Request dialog box.

    The dialog box displays with the rights request text.

  3. Click on the copy button to copy the text in the box to your clipboard.

    Livefyre automatically copies the text from the box to the clipboard and displays a message confirming that you have copied the text.

  4. Click on the link in the confirmation message to open the post that contains the asset to which you are requesting rights.

    Livefyre opens the post in Instagram.

  5. Paste the copied rights request text into the Instagram post on Instagram.

  6. Monitor the post for the response.

  7. If the Instagram user grants rights, you can manually grant the rights in Livefyre.


A more seamless workaround (part 2) will be introduced by June 14, 2018. For more, see Announcements.


The issues in the following tables were resolved in this release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug Studio Fixed an issue where updates to Facebook’s APIs caused some media to display incorrectly.

UAT Release

There are no UAT Release Notes for this release.

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