February 15, 2018

Release Notes for the February 15, 2018 release.

New Features

The following features are new in the production version of this release:

  • Smart Tags.

    Livefyre uses Adobe Sensei image-recognition technology to automatically tag images you save in the library.
    With Smart Tags you can save a significant amount of time searching and moderating content. With Smart Tags, you can:

    • Search saved images for precise content based on the image content, rather than only text
    • Collect content in streams based on precise search terms that analyze the image, rather than only text

    For more information about Smart Tags, see Smart Tags.

  • In-product messages. Now when you log in to Livefyre Studio, an announcements window pops up to display updates about new features.

  • UGC for Carousel. You can now use all the functions of UGC Commerce in the Livefyre Carousel App. You can create a Call-to-Action Button and connect your product catalog to the App to create a shoppable experience from Carousel.


The issues in the following tables were resolved in this release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Issue ModQ Fixed an issue where Instagram posts marked as approved or trashed were re-entering the queue.
Enhancement Rights Management Added an enhancement to display a warning when attempting to use expired Instagram accounts while making Rights Requests.
Issue Trends Fixed an issue with the Trends App still allowing HTTP at times, rather than HTTPS.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement Apps Added the ability to delete Apps from Livefyre.
Issue Polls Changed Polls to use HTTPS exclusively. Previously, Polls were still allowed to be used with HTTP.
Issue UGC Fixed an issue where UGC in a visualization App did not filter by Product ID as expected.

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