August 23, 2018

Release Notes for the August 23, 2018 release.

New Features

  • Added smart tag functionality to content uploaded to Livefyre Studio Library via FileStack (upload functionality in All Assets).
  • Added a Safe For Work (SFW) and Not Safe For Work (NSFW) toggle to Streams.


The issues in the following tables were resolved in this release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug Comments Restored the shortlink option to the Share button dialog on comments and other conversation Apps.
Bug GDPR Fixed an issue where opt-out messages were not displaying for some Instagram videos.
Bug Library Fixed an issue where users were not able to publish native Livefyre videos from the Library folder to an App.
Bug Library Fixed an issue where an asset could not be saved to a folder.
Bug Library/Search Restored the ability to search URLs from Instagram in Social Search.
Bug ModQ Fixed an issue where More Info Menu in ModQ did not display where expected.
Bug Rights Management Fixed an issue where a card with rights granted manually displayed the wrong rights request status.
Bug Rights Management Fixed an issue where sorting in ModQ should be in a fixed position when page is scrolling.
Bug Storify 2 Fixed an issue where a preview thumbnail in a Storify 2 App displayed incorrectly and showed only URLs, instead of a preview thumbnail from the article.
Bug Storify 2 Fixed an issue where thumbnails showed stripes instead of a preview when adding Vimeo videos to a Storify 2 App.
Bug Streams Fixed an issue with viewing streams on staging environment.

UAT Release

No new issues were resolved in the UAT version release.

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