April 12, 2018

Release Notes for the April 12, 2018 release.

New Features

The following features are new in the production version of this release:

You can now choose the confidence threshold for smart tags in streams. Setting the precision score (0-100) for tags allows you to control the accuracy of the assets we are retrieving.


The issues in the following tables were resolved in this release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement Apps Enhanced the ability to navigate the preview modal in visualization Apps with a keyboard in Filmstrip, Mosaic, Carousel, and Media Wall.
Bug Apps, Studio Fixed an issue where users with Administrator permissions were not able to delete Apps.
Enhancement Comments Fixed an issue where three profile labels were pointing to one user profile, but were not identified as pointing to the same profile.
Bug Feature Card Fixed an issue where the Feature Card App did not display in the Microsoft Edge browser.
Bug Filmstrip Fixed an issue where Filmstrip fonts displayed an error.
Bug Filmstrip Fixed an issue in Filmstrip where the “Next” button was clickable, even though there was no more content to load.
Bug Filmstrip Fixed an issue where Tweets without images did not display in Filmstrip default view.
Enhancement Filmstrip Fixed some issues to make Filmstrip more accessible.
Enhancement Library, Apps Fixed an issue where videos from Instagram that were older than three months did not render correctly in the Library and Apps.
Enhancement Media Wall Improved Media Wall accessibility in the following ways:
Opening and closing modals via keyboard commands will no longer shift focus back
to the top of the page. Focus instead remains on the element last focused before modal popup.
Load More button can be tabbed to and triggered using the keyboard Enter key.
Enhancement Media Wall Fixed an issue where clicking on a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook icon takes you to the homepage, but was incorrectly stating in screen readers that the icon takes you to the individual post. This has been fixed to identify that the icon takes you to the homepage, not the post.
Bug Mosaic Fixed an issue where a Mosaic App did not display the correct color from the App Designer.
Bug Rights Management Fixed an issue where rights requests weren’t working for Assets after finding them in a Social Search.
Enhancement Sidenotes Fixed an issue with accessibility in the Sidenotes App where the role of the button was not clearly presented for screen reading software.
Enhancement Studio Fixed an issue where a modal window displayed the incorrect copy for large images.
Enhancement Studio Fixed an accessibility issue to allow screen readers to read the body of modal windows.
Enhancement UGC Customers have now the ability to filter out certain products from a UGC that has multiple products associated with it. For example a UGC has 3 products associated with it, each in a different language. The customer has the ability to visualize that UGC with the specific product he /she desires in a specific page.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement UGC Fixed an issue where the UGC Commerce flag was set to “off” by default, instead of “on.”
Enhancement Streams

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