November 2, 2017

Release Notes for the November 2, 2017 release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement API Customers can now upload audio files via Upload API that can be viewed and downloaded via App content.
Enhancement App Content Customers now have the ability to playback uploaded Audio files from “App Content.”
Enhancement App Content This work item is related to the other story about Audio uploads. This focuses on adding the ability to download the file from App Content.
Bug Rights Management Fixed a bug that didn’t show a proper error message when a user tries to save content in Social Search after it was deleted from Twitter or Instagram.
Enhancement SAFE Studio Admins can now add a new SAFE rule in settings called Smart Mod Reject, which enables the Smart Mod feature.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug Carousel Fixed an issue where Carousel wasn’t appearing in Designer.
Enhancement Feature Card The Feature Card App has the all the commerce functionality enabled.
Enhancement Filmstrip We have added resizing options for Filmstrip so that the user can have more control on how the images look in the App.
Enhancement Library When a customer saves an asset to the Library, Livefyre employs Adobe Sensei machine learning technology to add tags that describe what is in the image of the asset automatically. This enables the user to search for those tags in the system. SP
Enhancement Rights Management For open rights requests with Instagram content that proceeds to be marked as deleted or account made private, the rights status will show “Expired” and an activity history entry stating that the content is now private/deleted.
Enhancement Settings Customers can now visit our privacy policy and Adobe’s terms of service in a footer in Settings.
Bug Studio Livefyre can now fully render 280-character Twitter assets in Studio and Apps.

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