March 9, 2017

Release Notes for the March 9, 2017 release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug Apps Fixed a bug to show content in media modals with the correct aspect ratios.
Enhancement Comments Enhanced Comments to support more accessibility standards including font colors and alt-text.
Enhancement Community Comments As of March 9. 2017 Community Comments will be in read-only mode.
Bug Livefyre Node JS Library Fixed a bug in the collection validator.
Enhancement Storify 2 Enhanced Storify 2 to support the ability to allow multiple Storify 2 apps on the same page.
Story Studio Added functionality to increase the expiry time for Studio User login sessions. Once a Studio session expires the user will be redirected to log in again.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug Media Wall Fixed a bug that was caused Media Walls to not render if specific foreign characters were included.
Bug Social Search Fixed a bug that prevented saved Youtube assets in Social Search from publishing.
Bug Social Search Fixed a bug that caused the “Conceal explicit images” Eye icon on assets to shift outside of an asset on hover.
Enhancement Storify 2 Added an enhancement to display the message “No results found” on Facebook Topic search when no results are found.
Enhancement Streams Added Summary Rules for SAFE Rules to the bottom of a Twitter Stream page.
Bug Streams Added an enhancement to visibly disable the “verified user” checkbox on Twitter Stream Rules when excluded authors are provided.
Bug Studio Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Feature Tag” to save correctly when applied.
Bug Users Fixed a bug that caused the “Recent Activity” sort filter in Users to appear out of order.

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