March 30, 2017

Release Notes for the March 30, 2017 release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug Social Search Fixed a bug that prevented saved Youtube assets in Social Search from publishing.
Enhancement Social Sync Deprecated Twitter Social Sync.
Enhancement Storify 2 Added an enhancement to display the message “No results found” on Facebook Topic search when no results are found.
Enhancement Streams Added Summary Rules for SAFE Rules to the bottom of a Twitter Stream page.
Bug Streams Added an enhancement to visibly disable the “verified user” checkbox on Twitter Stream Rules when excluded authors are provided.
Bug Streams Fixed a bug to allow the usage of ANDing keywords and a Location filter in a Twitter rule.
Bug Studio Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Feature Tag” to save correctly when applied.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug App Content Changed the behavior of “More Info” such that if there are multiple Anonymous flag events on a given piece of content, the earliest event is always shown.
Bug Library Fixed a bug that caused Library searches with hashtags to intermittently fail.
Bug Maps Fixed a bug in Maps to support a large number of content in clusters on iOS devices.
Enhancement Mosaic Added the ability to configure Mosaic apps to click anywhere on a content card to open the modal by animation type none in designer and cardAnimation: 'off'if instantiated through the SDK.
Bug Mosaic Fixed a bug to allow users to successfully make changes to Mosaic apps in Designer.
Enhancement Rights Request Added a new rights request status called “Request Failed” to highlight when rights request messages fail to send.
Enhancement Settings Added the ability for customers to create Spam Moderation Rules in Settings.
Enhancement Social Search Fixed a bug that prevented posts from displaying via URL Social Searches.
Enhancement Social Search When searching for Instagram content from Studio, if the search is due to an expired Instagram API Token, the error message will now indicate as such.
Bug Streams Fixed a bug that caused an “App is not accepting new content” banner to falsely display on top of Stream Rule pages.
Enhancement Streams Modified the default of newly created stream rules to Apply SAFE Rules when applicable.
Enhancement Streams (formerly, Curate Rules) Removed the “Vines” only option from Twitter Stream/Curate rules, as Vines are now displayed as Twitter videos.
Bug Studio Shell Fixed a bug so that Livefyre Studio will load if https:// was explicitly prepended to the url.

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