June 29, 2017

Release Notes for the June 29, 2017 release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug Library When you clear filters in the library, you will remain in the same folder selection, instead of being redirected to another page.
Bug Reviews Fixed a bug in Reviews to ensure media loads via HTTPS in all implementations.
Bug Reviews Fixed a bug in Reviews that was preventing some images to load correctly due to HTTPS errors.
Enhancement Social Sync Deprecated Twitter Social Sync.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement All Introducing Livefyre’s new UGC Commerce initiative. This includes the ability to:
  • Add a conversion button to Mosaic and Media Wall
  • UI enhancements to Mosaic, Media Wall and the content modal for both apps
  • Ability to upload products into Studio in Network Settings
  • Ability to associate content with products in Studio Library, App Content and ModQ
  • Ability to associate products with Stream Rules for auto-tagging
Enhancement Comments Added an enhancement so that Comments Sort Order tabs are ADA compliant.
Enhancement Comments Added an accessibility enhancement so that Avatars in Comments are ADA compliant.
Enhancement Instagram Search Added support for saving and publishing multi-image/video Instagram posts.
Bug Library Added an improvement when performing searches in the Library containing apostrophes.
Bug Media Wall Fixed a bug in Media Wall that was preventing the share button to work appropriately in Firefox.
Enhancement Mosaic Updated the look and feel to the Details modal on Mosaic cards.
Enhancement Social Search Added text clarifying why rights requests cannot be requested in a social search when multiple assets are selected, the social provider is not supported for rights requests, or there are no enabled rights request accounts for a social provider on the network.
Bug Studio Fixed a bug that caused newly created Browser Bans to not be applied by new User Managers and Administrators.

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