June 15, 2017

Release Notes for the June 15, 2017 release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement API Released a new API to retrieve App embed codes. More info can be found at https://api.livefyre.com/docs/apis/by-category/apps
Bug Carousel Fixed a bug in Carousel to allow native Livefyre content (images uploaded directly to Studio) to appear in the app appropriately.
Enhancement Comments Enhanced Comments to meet font color guidelines dictated by ADA requirements.
Bug Instagram Location Search Fixed a bug that caused Instagram Location Search results to show duplicates.
Enhancement Library Fixed a bug to allow all uploaded media in tweets to be captured by the Media Required filter.
Bug ModQ Fixed a slowdown issue in the ModQ Streams Premod tab when Instagram Carousel content was pulled in.
Bug Sidenotes Enhanced Sidesnotes to support front-end moderation. This means moderators logged into the app on the front-end will be able to approve or delete content.
Bug Social Search Fixed a bug that prevented map locations from saving when performing Twitter Social Searches.
Enhancement Storify 2 Fixed a bug in Storify 2 that was causing the page to jump if a user sorted by “Oldest to Newest” or “Newest to Oldest.”
Enhancement Stream Rules Added the ability to filter Tweets by Language in Stream Rules.
Enhancement Stream Rules Added the ability to filter on multiple map locations in Twitter and Instagram Stream rules.
Enhancement Stream Rules Added validation improvements when saving Twitter Stream Rules.
Enhancement Studio Enhanced the contrast on toggle components across Studio for easier visibility.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug Library When you clear filters in the library, you will remain in the same folder selection, instead of being redirected to another page.
Enhancement Social Sync Deprecated Twitter Social Sync.

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