June 1, 2017

Release Notes for the June 1, 2017 release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement App Content Added an enhancement to allow users in App Content to download native video files that were uploaded to a Livefyre App and/or via the Upload Media API.
Bug Mosaic Fixed a bug in Mosaic that was preventing newly created Mosaic’s from loading after a page refresh.
Bug Rights Management Fixed a bug that caused Rights Management to break on newly deleted/marked-as-private Instagram and Twitter content.
Bug Storify 2 Updated the sorting labels in Storify 2 to match the expected behavior. “Oldest to newest” and “Newest to oldest” will now say “First to last” and “Last to first”. The sort order is based on the order dictated in Storify 2’s Editor, not publish date.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug Reviews Fixed a bug in Reviews to ensure media loads via HTTPS in all implementations.
Bug Search Fixed a bug that caused Instagram Location Search results to show duplicates.
Bug Sidenotes Enhanced Sidesnotes to support front-end moderation. This means moderators logged into the app on the front-end will be able to approve or delete content.
Bug Stream Rules Added an enhancement to Twitter Streams so that all map locations are listed in the rule summary
Bug Stream Rules Fixed a bug that allowed a Twitter Stream user to exist in both the “is posted by any of these authors” and “is not posted by any of these authors” fields at the same time.
Enhancement Stream Rules Added the ability to filter Tweets by Language in Stream Rules

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