April 27, 2017

Release Notes for the April 27, 2017 release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Bug App Designer Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to save new App Title names on various apps in Designer.
Bug App Manager Improved the search results when searching by Article ID in App Manager.
Bug Asset Library Fixed a bug that caused unicode content to not render when viewing more details on an asset in Library.
Enhancement Mosaic Added the ability to configure Mosaic apps configured in Designer or instantiated through the SDK to click anywhere on a content card to open the modal. There are now 3 animation types for Mosaic: Flip, Fade and Click.
Enhancement Reviews Added a feature in Reviews to separate out “Write a review” and “Show My Review” to enable customers more flexibility when customizing the app.
Bug Reviews Fixed some usability bugs when enabling the alwaysShowEditor parameter on the Reviews app.
Bug S1 Collection Rules Fixed a bug to allow keywords to be edited after saving a rule.
Bug Storify 2 Fixed a bug that prevented Storify 2 embeds from rendering when using the requireJS library on the page.
Bug Streams Fixed a bug that prevented rules from being copied over to a new stream when cloning an existing stream.
Bug Users Fixed a bug that was not showing banned users. Now banned users will appear as expected with an indication that they are banned.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement API Released a new API to retrieve App embed codes. More info can be found at https://api.livefyre.com/docs/apis/by-category/apps.
Bug Asset Library Fixed a bug that capped the first page of Library results to 10 assets.
Enhancement Studio Enhanced the contrast on toggle components across Studio for easier visibility.

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