September 7, 2017

Release Notes for the September 7, 2017 release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement App Content, ModQ Added SAFE Image Classification Tags to content in App Content and ModQ.
Bug Library Search Fixed a bug with no results being returned when using Tag and Rating search in Library.
Bug Library Search Fixed a bug that caused Social Search queries to return nothing if the result list included malformed URLs.
Enhancement SAFE Added a new feature to ban commenting by Site Visitors in a given IP region. Please contact your Account Manager to configure for your Livefyre network.
Bug Streams Fixed a bug to allow saving Instagram stream rules containing an entry in the “Is not posted by any of these authors” field.
Bug Studio Fixed a bug to enable sorting by “most participants” and by “most items.”
Bug Studio Fixed a bug that caused app timestamps to show an incorrect creation date in the table.
Bug Studio Fixed a sort order bug with the Recent and Oldest filters in App Manager.
Bug Studio Fixed a bug which hid other connected networks from displaying in the Network Profile Switcher.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement Comments Customers can now set the maximum length for comments as part of their network configuration.
Enhancement Film Strip Film strip is a brand new visualization app, primarily designed to showcase UGC in e-commerce scenarios, such as product pages or transactional websites. Film Strip horizontally aligns UGC to be displayed as a camera roll, one piece at the time. End users can navigate Film Strip by clicking the side arrows to scroll through the content available.
Enhancement Film Strip When a customer deploys a film strip app, newly streamed UGC will have a “new” label next to it to quickly identify them.
Bug Library Fixed issue with products displaying incorrectly after removing then re-adding a product to an asset in the library.
Bug Mobile This bug corrects an issue on how nested replies rendered in Mobile when avatars were disabled, they did not use to nest, but this fix corrects it.
Enhancement Mosaic This is a new configuration that enables customers to specify the number of cards to be displayed in the Mosaic visualization app.
Bug Rights Management Fixed a bug preventing a Studio user from requesting rights on Instagram Carousel content.
Bug Studio Added clearer error messages when creating new Sites.

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