September 21, 2017

Release Notes for the September 21, 2017 release.

Production Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement Comments Customers can now set the maximum length for Comments as part of their network configuration.
Bug Mobile App This bug corrects an issue on how nested replies rendered in Mobile when avatars were disabled.
Bug Mosaic Fixed a production bug that made Mosaic display Grey Boxes in IE11 in UGC.
Enhancement Mosaic Customers can now specify the number of cards to be displayed in the Mosaic visualization app.
Bug Rights Management Fixed a bug preventing a Studio user from requesting rights on Instagram Carousel content.
Bug Studio Added clearer error messages when creating new Sites.

UAT Release

Issue Type Component Release Note
Enhancement Apps Customers can now create a single Livefyre app (Mosaic, Filmstrip or Media Wall) and embed it in multiple product pages, that dynamically filter the appropriate UGC for each product page (for example, UGC tagged for shoes displays on the shoe product page).
Enhancement Filmstrip In the Filmstrip App there is a “New” banner that flags new content in the App so that end-users can quickly identify fresh content.
Enhancement Livefyre Identity Customers can now use their Github credentials to login into Livefyre identity and participate in our commenting apps.
Bug Rights Management Fixed a bug that allowed insertion of unicode characters in Rights Request messages to bypass validation.
Enhancement Studio Updated the Livefyre Help link in the top navigation bar.
Enhancement UGC Commerce Customers can now manually upload a Google product catalogue into LF studio using a JSON file export. This enables the customer to pair UGC with products from that catalogue and visualize them in our commerce enabled apps.
Enhancement UGC Commerce Customers can select which product folders they want to use when filtering their e-commerce app by product ID. For example, I want my new Filmstrip to appear in my women’s shoes and women bags product pages, therefore I will select only the “Women’s shoes collection” and “Women’s bags” product folders.
Enhancement UGC Commerce Livefyre customers can now filter the UGC published to their apps only if they have rights granted. For example, a customer can curate and publish a selection of items, but those items will only be rendered in the App once they have been rights granted by the author. This is particularly important for e-commerce use cases, where the UGC is used for commercial purposes.

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