Search for Twitter Content

Use Social Search to search for Twitter content to include in your Asset Library or publish to Apps.

You can save and reuse searches. Click in the search bar to see a list of your Recent and Saved Searches.

When you add new assets to the library, assets that are already included in your library are marked with a checkmark.

  1. Navigate to Social Search.

  2. Select Twitter to search Twitter content.

  3. Enter a keyword, #hashtag, or @person. You can select a search type from the right pulldown menu on the search bar to refine your search.

    • Subject Search: the default, searches all available fields for the input text.
    • User Search: searches for Tweets by the input author.
    • List Search: searches only within the input Twitter List URL.
  4. After entering your search criteria, click Show Filter to refine your search.

    • Sort By: allows you to select whether to sort returned results by Recently Added, or Most Popular.

    • Only Include: allows you to limit returned content to only that which includes Links or Media.

    • Tweet Types: allows you to limit returns to Retweets only.

    • Location: allows you to define a radius within which geotagged content will be included. Use the Location modal to enter a City, and use the slider bar to define the radius within which content will be sourced.

    • Language: allows you to filter to a selected language.


      Social Search supports complex Twitter search queries, and all standard Twitter syntax input. By default, multiple strings will be treated as an AND query. Click the info button to see examples of valid input.

      =Results returned will be listed from most recent to least.

Items matching your search are displayed in a grid view. Mouse over an item to View Details, add it to your Asset Library, or Publish to an App.

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