Search for Instagram Content

Use Social Search to search for Instagram content to include in your Asset Library or publish to Apps.


Before you can perform a Social Search for Instagram, you must add an Instagram business account to the Social Accounts section in Network Settings and authorize Livefyre to use that account. For information on how to set up an Instagram business account in Adobe Livefyre Studio, see .

You can save and reuse searches. Click in the search bar to see a list of your Recent and Saved Searches.

When you add new assets to the library, assets that are already included in your library are marked with a checkmark.

  1. Configure an Instagram business account.

  2. Navigate to Library > Social Search.

  3. Select Instagram to search Instagram content.

  4. Enter your search criteria, click Show Filter to refine your search.

    • Business User Search: Searches for Instagram posts by the input author.


      To search Instagram by business user, both you and the Instagram content author must have an Instagram business account.

    • Top Tags Search: Search for the most popular media tagged with a specific hashtag. Top tags are determined by the criteria outlined here:

    • Recent Tags Search: Search the most recent posts with the hashtag.

Items display that match your search. Mouse over an item to View Details, add it to your Asset Library, or Publish to an App.

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