Search Saved Assets in the Library

Search for assets by different options and filters to find the right content for an App.

The following options are available in the Library to assist you in finding assets.

  • Folder View: When a folder is selected for view, use this option to define whether to display the folder’s contents only, or the contents of the folder and all its subfolders.

  • Contains: select the content type you wish to be returned:** Photo** or Video.

  • Rights: select the rights request status to filter by rights request status.

  • Source: select the source from which content should be listed. Uploaded lists any assets added from your local machine, Flickr, Dropbox, or any of the other available Filepicker options. Livefyre lists user generated content posted directly into the stream.

  • Sort By: use these options to sort returned content by Date Added (to your Library), Date Created, or Relevance.

  • Stars: select the number of stars that must be added to the Asset for it to be returned.

  • Tags: enter tags to search by.

  1. Navigate to the All Assets page to see all assets.
  2. Enter your search terms in the Search folder field (keyword or author name, or tag).
  3. Click Show Filter.
  4. Use the filters provided to narrow your search within your Library.

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