Manage Asset Folders

Studio offers several options by which you may manage your folders.

The following options are available to manage folders and assets:

  • Favorite: Click the star icon next to a folder’s name at the top of the page to tag the folder, and add it to your Favorites list.

  • Upload Asset: Opens a Filepicker window, from which you may search for and upload content from your desktop, Flickr, URLs, or other locations, to add to your Asset Library.

  • Create New Subfolder: Allows you to create a subfolder within the currently selected folder. Subfolders inherit the Access rights of their parent folder, and their Access cannot be individually managed.

  • Trash Folder: Removes the folder and its content from your Asset Library.


    Only folder Owners may Trash folders.

  • Manage Access: Allows you to control access to the folder:** Open** or Restricted. Select Open to allow all Studio users within your network to access the folder and its content. Select Restricted to restrict access to a select group of users.


    Only those with permissions to access the folder may manage access.

  • Rename: Allows you to rename the folder.

  1. Select a folder.
  2. Use the buttons across the top of the window to manage a folder.

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