Use Streams to Add Social Content to your Story

Point a stream to a Storify 2 story.


You cannot edit the Streams a story uses from the Storify 2 App.

When SAFE Rules are enabled in Network Settings, streamed content will be filtered through SAFE. Unsafe content will be prevented from displaying in the Streams Tab.

To edit or turn a stream off, go to the Streams section of the Livefyre Engagement Cloud. See Managing Streams for more information on how to edit, delete, and turn off Streams.

Use a Stream in a Story to:

  • Prepare Streams in advance and quickly access their content while drafting your Story.
  • View a real-time feed of social media content right from the Content Pane.
  • Manually select pieces of content from the Stream and drag and drop them where it makes sense in your Story.
  • Choose when to publish posts with streamed content as a Story unfolds.

Before you use Streams to add social content to your Story, you must create a stream. To point a stream to a story:

  1. Create a stream.
  2. Apply the stream to a new or existing Storify 2 App.
  3. View the streams that a Story uses by clicking on the Streams icon on the Editing Panel.
  4. Click and drag elements from the Stream tab to add them to your story.
  5. Edit the content you insert from Streams the same way you edit other content in your Story.

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