Pin a Post to Storify 2

Pin a post to focus attention on specific content when you first land on a page with Storify 2 embedded.

You can highlight important information that audiences can focus on first, like a pivotal moment in a news story or current match scores and a photo of the last goal.

When you pin a post:

  • You can only pin one post at a time. If you choose to pin a different post, the current pinned post becomes unpinned.
  • The pin icon displays on a published post immediately when you pin it.
  • The pinned content stays at the top of the story and other published content streams in after the pinned post.
  • Changing the post order from newest to oldest does not affect the pinned post.
  1. Create Storify 2 post and publish content.
  2. Click the pin icon to pin the post.
  3. Confirm that you want to pin the post in the dialog.

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