Storify Settings

Adjust settings for Storify 2 stories, such as tags, moderation, and allowed content.


Most settings listed for Storify 2 Apps control options for Sidenotes, if enabled.

  • Tags

    Use tags to more easily search for Apps in Studio.

  • Allow New Content

    Allow new Sidenotes to be added to your Story.

  • Article URL

    The URL to use for SocialSync and permalinks.

  • Premoderate Content

    Require moderator approval before Sidenotes are made public.

  • Display Media

    Display clickable thumbnails for photos and video.

  • Premoderate Media

    Require moderator approval before Sidenotes’ media content is made public.

  • Queue New Content

    Disable live streaming and queue new content and replies.

  • Throttle Content

    Intelligently reduce the number of Sidenotes posts displayed under high volume.

  • Allow Bulk Content

    Allow multiple posts which include matching text.

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