Configuration Options

Choose Style, Display, and User Engagement configuration options for Storify 2 from Livefyre Studio.

Style Options

  • Theme

    Select Light or Dark to define the background color for your displayed content. Changes made to this setting will be immediately reflected in the preview to the right. This setting controls background, content text, user handle, timestamp, share button, and social icon color selection for the App.

  • Brand color

    Select a color for your App. This color will be used for hashtags, URLs, usernames, @mentions, bar charts, and other App-specific components, as displayed in the preview pane to the right.

  • Font family

    Select a font for user generated content in your App. Selecting Georgia or Times New Roman will assign that font to content, and Helvetica Neue to usernames and display names. Selecting Helvetica, Verdana, or Trebuchet will assign those fonts to content, usernames, and display names.

  • Posts appear in cards

    If enabled, posts will be displayed within a surrounding box, and the background color dictated by the Theme selection applied.

  • Show header

    If enabled, the story’s header (sort menu and number of viewers) will be displayed.


  • Byline

    If enabled, you may select whether to list the original author’s name, or a team name as the byline for your Story.


    Individual bylines will always reflect the content’s original author, and not any subsequent editors.

  • Byline type

    If Byline is enabled, this pulldown allows you to select the type of byline to be displayed: team byline, or individual bylines. Use the field below Byline type to enter the text to display as byline.


    The most recent change to this setting, by any Storify 2 editor, will be reflected upon publication.

  • Set time zone

    Allows you to select the time zone to be used for the Story. This location will be used to timestamp all Posts within the Story. (End users will see this translated to their local time, but may hover over the timestamp they see to reveal the timestamp set for the Story.)

  • Load more posts

    Choose whether posts display continuously as a user scrolls down or whether to display a Show More button.

User Engagement

  • Users may share posts

    If enabled, users may share your story to Twitter or Facebook. For more information on enabling sharing, see Settings > Integration Settings > Social Sharing.

  • Users may add sidenotes

    If enabled, users may add Sidenotes to your posts.

  • Number of views

    If enabled, the number of times the story has been viewed will be displayed.

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