Sidenotes Features

The Sidenotes App offers these features for your site.

  • Respond to any part of a paragraph, by highlighting the text they wish to comment on, then clicking the pencil icon to write their Sidenote.
  • Add Sidenotes to a paragraph, by clicking the Sidenotes icon that appears at the end of the paragraph, and adding their comment.
  • Comment on an image, by clicking the Sidenotes icon at the corner of the image, and adding their comment.
  • Share text to Facebook or Twitter, by selecting text, then clicking the Share to Facebook or Share to Twitter icon. Sharing highlighted content allows users to edit the text that will be shared, and sends a link to the original content with the share.
  • Read others’ comments, by clicking the Livefyre thought bubble that shows the number of comments included for any part of the page.
  • Reply to existing Sidenotes.
  • Vote on the helpfulness of notes, and thereby push more helpful notes to the top of the list of annotations.
  • Share specific Sidenotes to Facebook or Twitter by clicking the ellipses that appear when hovering over the note.

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