Use Sidenotes to allow your readers to comment directly inline with content.

Sidenotes allow users to highlight and annotate passages, directly in-line with your content, creating an engaging and collaborative discussion that is targeted to your site. Readers can sidenote any part of an article, from individual words, to paragraphs and images. Sidenotes can be shared to Twitter and Facebook as a means to bring friends, followers, and experts into the conversation. Users may also upvote Sidenotes, to bring the most helpful content to the top of the list. (Sidenotes sorts content by user votes, presenting notes with the highest upvotes minus downvotes total at the top of the list.)

To sidenote, click the icon that appears at the end of paragraphs and images, or highlight any part of a paragraph and click the “pencil” icon that appears. When you highlight a section of the article, you can also share it to Facebook and Twitter.


On mobile devices, landscape mode is not supported, and Sidenotes may be written only for paragraphs, and not for individual text snippets.

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