Rate and review any piece of content on your website, in real-time.

Reviews allows users to easily rate and review products, services, articles or any piece of content on your website, in real-time.

Each Review posted into a Reviews App consists of a one line Review Title, a Body and a numerical Rating. By including a Title and a Rating, the Reviews App quantifies a user’s opinion, and provides a summary of the user’s experience with that product or service.

The default Reviews App consists of a Collection of Reviews and a Summary Section that displays the Average User Rating and Rating Breakdown for the Collection. Users may read and interact with the Reviews, in real-time.

Allure uses Reviews to invite their users to contribute ratings and opinions on the products they feature. With Reviews, Allure is able to capture valuable and personal user feedback from their audience.

Reviews Features

Reviews offers several features which are specific to this App.

  • Quick visual representation of trends (star ratings and average rating summary) above the stream.
  • Customizable rating interface, including the number of stars and their image, rating subparts (such as Pros and Cons), and multiple rating categories.
  • Summarize reviews using a graphic visualization of the Average User Rating and the Rating Breakdown for the Reviews Collection.
  • Queue Reviews for display, while maintaining the user’s Review at the top of the list for their view.
  • Allow users to vote on the helpfulness of Reviews, and then to sort by Most Helpful and/or Highest Rating.
  • Mobile-friendly interface.

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