Map Customizations

Change the size, width, and interaction options of the Map app.

The following options are available from the Map app:

  • Cluster number

    Sets the color for the numbers listed above each content cluster in the App.

  • Show zoom controls

    Allows users to control the zoom level of your Map.

  • Allow panning

    Enables panning for your Map, allowing users to drag and reposition the map.

  • Enable content modal

    Allows users to click on a piece of content to open it in a popup window.

  • Enable clustering

    Creates clickable groups of content, scaled to user zoom.

  • Embedded height / Embedded width

    Allows you to set the pixel size at which the Map will be embedded on your site. (Optional.)


    If your web developers have defined a height for your Map on the page, these values will be overridden, and your Map will follow responsive design sizing conventions. If they have not defined a height, these values will be used, and your Map will be placed at a set size (non-responsive design). If these fields are left blank, the value will default to 600px wide by 400px high, and the Map will not be responsive.

  • Location

    Enter the location around which you wish your map to be centered. Use the slider beneath the preview map to define the zoom.

You can customize the Map app using:

  • Style and Config options for all Apps in the App Designer. See Customizing Apps for details on the standard Style and Config options for all Apps in the App Designer.

  • Integration tools. See Map for more on how to customize Apps using Integration Tools.

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