Use Map to generate interactive maps of content streaming into the App.

Use Livefyre Map to create a map pinning all content flowing into your Collection. Users may click on stacked images to zoom in, and view individual posts. Content streams onto the map in real-time, allowing users to participate in events as they unfold.

Map is a visualization of location markers on a world map, showing all geotagged content matching a specified Curate Collection. Map displays new content in real time, and may be configured to cluster content created in close proximity to one another. Users may click on clustered content to zoom, and may click on individual content thumbnails to open a modal containing the original piece of content.

Use Map to display where people are discussing a specific topic, especially during developing stories like sporting events, breaking news, conferences, or global product launches.


Map is powered by ©OpenStreetMap, which provides the data Livefyre uses to render its Map.

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