Live Blog Customizations

Customize the style and the way comments display on your live blog.

Use Live Blog to post real-time updates to ongoing stories, transforming your site into an engaging live news source.

  • Number of comments to load

    Enter the number of comments to display upon initial load. You may enter between 1 and 50.

  • Comments appear in cards

    If enabled, posts will be displayed with a surrounding box, and the background color dictated by the Theme selection applied.

  • Nest levels for replies

    Defines the number of nest levels displayed for replies (2 or 3).

  • Expand media

    If enabled, media attachments will be displayed as fully expanded media inline in the stream. If disabled, media is displayed as links only.

  • Number of listeners

    If enabled, the number of users active on the page will be displayed.

  • User tags

    If enabled, user tags will be displayed with posted content.

  • User avatars

    If enabled, user avatars will be displayed with posted content.

  • Users can reply to posts

    If enabled, users may reply to Live Blog posts.

  • Users may upload photos

    If enabled users may upload photos.

  • Users may share comments

    If enabled, users may share posted content to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. For more information on enabling sharing, see Settings > Integration Settings > Social Sharing.

You can customize Live Blog using:

  • Style and Config options for all Apps in the App Designer. See Customizing Apps for details on the standard Style and Config options for all Apps in the App Designer.

  • Integration tools. See Live Blog for more on how to customize Apps using Integration Tools.

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