Comments Customizations

Customize comments to embed real-time conversations on your site.

Use available options to allow your users to share content across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and pull their friends into the stream.

  • Number of comments to load

    Enter the number of comments to display upon initial load. You may enter between 1 and 50.

  • Nest level for replies

    Defines the number of nested levels displayed for replies: 2, 3 or 4. (Default is 4.)

  • Posts appear in cards

    If enabled, posts will be displayed within a surrounding box, and the background color dictated by the Theme selection applied.

  • Expand media

    If enabled, media attachments will be displayed as fully expanded media inline in the stream. If disabled, media is displayed as links only.

  • Number of listeners

    If enabled, the number of users active on the page will be displayed.

  • User tags

    If enabled, user tags will be displayed with posted content.

  • User avatars

    If enabled, user avatars will be displayed with posted content.

  • Number of replies to load

    The number of replies to a comment to load. Any additional replies to a comment after this number will be collapsed, with a counter to display the number of replies.

  • Users may upload photos

    If enabled users may upload photos.

  • Users may share posts

    If enabled users may share posts. If enabled, users may share posted content to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. For more information on enabling sharing, see Settings > Integration Settings > Social Sharing.

  • Featured content at top of stream

    When enabled, Featured content will be displayed above the editor in the App.

  • High velocity comment queuing

    Allows you to control the speed with which comments are displayed on the page, and is best used for high velocity conversations. When enabled, Livefyre will list the number of new comments at the top of the stream, rather than displaying content in its entirety. Clicking this number will display the 10 oldest comments in the stream.

  • Most liked comment sort

    If enabled, allows users to sort by Top Comments or Hot Threads (in addition to the default Newest and Oldest sort options).

You can customize Comments using:

  • Style and Config options for all Apps in the App Designer. See Customizing Apps for details on the standard Style and Config options for all Apps in the App Designer.

  • Integration tools. See Comments for more on how to customize Comments using Integration Tools.

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