Enable or disable user hovercards across your site.

The Livefyre Hovercard is a popup that displays a quick snapshot of user information, including display name, bio, social networks, user likes, profile page URL and a link to view their full profile. Hovercards are available for all Livefyre streams, including Comments, Live Blog, and Chat.


Hovercards may be switched on or off at the network level only, and are implemented or disabled across all sites under your custom network. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like hovercards switched on for your network.

Viewing Hovercards

When you hover over a user’s avatar on Comments, Live Blog or Chat, their Hovercard will appear.

Clicking View Full Profile will take the user to the full profile page for that user.


Hovercards display information included with your User Profile system. Any fields not included in that system will not be displayed in the hovercards. If you do not have public profile pages, no page will be displayed. If you wish to disable Hovercards for your custom network, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

Apps that use this feature:

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