Top Comments

Top Comments lists the 25 most liked comments in the conversation. The Top Comments view displays the 25 most liked comments in the Collection. If an original post receives the most likes, the post, but not its replies, will be listed. If a reply receives the most likes, its immediate parent, up to the top level post, will also be displayed. This list is not real-time, and will update only when the page is refreshed or another sort view (Newest or Oldest) is selected.

If a user posts a comment from the comment editor while viewing the Top Comments view, the user will be switched back to the Newest view. If a user likes or replies to one of the Top Comments, it will stream into the Top Comments view for the user to see.

To optimize for performance, Livefyre caches data for up to 2 minutes. There may be a slight lag in the most recent likes that appear.

If there are no comments in the Collection with likes, users will see the message There are not enough likes yet, and a link to See what’s new.


Top Comments and Hot Threads may not be included in the same Collection.

For information on enabling the Top Comments view, please see Studio > Network Settings.

Apps that use this feature:

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