Hot Threads

Displays the 25 most popular threads within the App, ordered by popularity.

The Hot Threads view displays the 25 most popular threads within the App, ordered by popularity. This includes all content in the App, including manual posts, content from SocialSync and content from Streams.


Hot Threads is available on Comments, but not Live Blog or Chat.

For more information on enabling the Hot Threads view, please see Studio > Network Settings.


Clicking Hot Threads at the top of the stream replaces the contents of the App with previews of up to 25 threads with the highest “popularity scores” from the App. A popularity score is calculated for each thread using Livefyre’s proprietary and evolving algorithm. The preview displays a top level comment, and up to 5 of the most popular replies, as well as the direct parent of each of these top 5 replies.

If there are no threads in the stream with a popularity score, no comments will be displayed, and users will see the message There are not enough threads yet and a link to See what’s new.

The Hot Threads list is not real-time, and will update only when the page is refreshed or another view (Newest or Oldest) is selected. (If a comment is moderated and Bozo’d or trashed, it will be removed from the list immediately.)

Breakout View

From the preview, click Show entire Thread to replace the Hot Threads view with a breakout view of the thread in context, including every reply within that thread. (No other threads are displayed in the breakout view.) Click Hot Threads to return to the Hot Threads view.

Moderators can view all pending content in the breakout view and inline moderation is available. Likes, replies, edits and moderation actions will continue to stream in real-time in the breakout view.

Posting from the Hot Threads View

Posting a comment from the top comment box in the Hot Threads view will switch users back to the Newest view.

Replies or Likes posted in the Hot Threads view will appear in the stream without changing views. Sorting options and the comment notifier are not available in the Hot Threads view.

To optimize for performance, Livefyre caches data for up to 2 minutes. There may be a slight lag in the most recent Hot Threads that appear.

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