Setting up Social Sharing

The Social Sharing panel allows you to add your social media network app credentials.

Livefyre uses this information to connect to the listed social networks on behalf of your social App, and to post shared content for your users on their behalf. Enter these values to enable social integration. They may be edited at any time.

Settings available from this page will update to reflect your social sharing system, as defined during your Livefyre integration process. Those integrating using their own custom user identity systems, must supply social network credentials for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, if they wish to allow their end users to share to these platforms. Janrain Engage customers need only supply their Janrain credentials, and not Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Only one app per Social Media site may be enabled for your Network. You may include these apps on multiple sites, but your Network may have only one Facebook, one Twitter, one LinkedIn, and one Bitly integration.

Janrain Engage

To enable Janrain Engage integration, enter the following credentials:

  • Engage API Key: The API key for your Janrain Engage account.
  • Engage Domain: Your Janrain provided domain name.


To share to Facebook, enter the following Facebook app credentials:

  • Client ID: The Client ID provided with your Facebook app.
  • Client Secret: The client secret provided with your Facebook app.
  • OAuth Proxy Redirect: Your redirect page for receiving Facebook requests.


To share to Twitter, enter the following Twitter App credentials:

  • Access Token: Your Twitter-provided token for making API requests.
  • Access Token Secret: Your Twitter-provided secret for making API requests.
  • API Key: Your Twitter-provided API key.
  • API Secret: Your Twitter-provided API secret.


To share to LinkedIn, enter the following credentials for your LinkedIn API requests:

  • API Key: Your LinkedIn-provided API key.
  • API Secret: Your LinkedIn-provided API secret.


To enable Bitly permalinks, enter the following information for your Bitly integration:

  • Login: Your Bitly-provided end user username login.
  • API Key: Your Bitly-provided API key.

Apps that use this feature:

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