View Smart Tags

View tags added automatically to images by Sensei-driven image recognition software.

Livefyre uses Adobe Sensei image-recognition software to automatically tag content when you add it to the Library. The image recognition software has 135k classifiers, or tags, which include features (for example, cats, dogs, pyramids, Eiffel tower, Trump), categories (for example, travel, tourism, beauty), and aesthetic properties (for example, picture quality).

To view the smart tags on content:

  1. In the Library, search for content from Twitter or Instagram.
  2. Select one or more assets.
  3. Add the assets to the Library.
  4. Click one of the assets you added to the Library.
  5. Click View Details on the asset.
  6. Click on the Tags tab in the lower right panel
  7. See the list of Smart Tags, arranged by category.
  8. Delete tags that you do not want by clicking on the X next to a tag.

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