Smart Tags

Livefyre uses Adobe Sensei computer vision technology to automatically tag images and videos you save or upload in the library.

Smart Tags allow you to save a significant amount of time, managing, searching, and curating content. With Smart Tags, you can:

  • Search saved and uploaded images and videos for precise content based on the image and video content, rather than only text
  • Collect content in streams based on precise search terms that analyze the image or video, rather than only text

When you save or upload an image or video, Adobe Sensei automatically reviews the content and tags it with 135,000 classifiers across three categories:

  • Features (for example, cats, dogs, pyramids, landmarks)
  • Categories (for example, travel, tourism, beauty)
  • Aesthetic properties (for example, picture quality, rules of third)
  • SFW/NSFW (this allows you to automatically filter NSFW images, improving the safety of your streams and UGC library

The Smart Tags ranking algorithm filters content using a smart tag confidence score, how new the content is, and how many stars a user gave the content.

Smart Tags for Video

Feature details:

  • Smart Tags are applied to MP4, .avi, and .mov video formats
  • Max duration for supported videos is 60 seconds or 50MB
  • Smart tags are available in Social Search, Streams, and Uploaded Video files in the Library

Tag types:

  • Feature tags: Function the same as feature tags for images (for example, cats, dogs, pyramids, landmarks).
  • Action tags: Identify features that occur across multiple frames instead of just one. These are more effective in summarizing a video’s content.

For additional Information on Smart Tags, see Stream Rule Options for All Stream Rules.

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