Comment Notifier

Allows you to enable a small popup on the page to notify users when a comment has been added.

The Comment Notifier is a small pop-up at the bottom right of the page, that notifies users on the page of new activity in the stream by displaying the first few words of the comment with the Avatar for its author. (Notifiers are not available for Top Comments, Hot Threads, or Queued Comments.)

Comment Notifier Features

The comment notifier increases user engagement by surfacing activity happening on the page, no matter where on the page the user is currently engaged, encouraging them to click on new comments, and respond.

The notifier includes a preview of the latest comment, and the user’s avatar to the left of text. The total count of new comments is displayed in the toolbar underneath, and this number increments with more posts in the stream. If there are 2 or more new comments above or below the user’s current view of the stream, a scroll bar will appear within the notifier, allowing the user to scroll and view snippets of all other new comments.

Click the preview of a new comment to jump to the location of that comment in the stream. Click the number of new comments to expand the pane to show a preview of each unread comment.

The notifier disappears after all new comments have been viewed, and reappears when a new comment appears above or below the user’s current view of the stream.

Hiding the Comment Notifier

Click the x in the right corner of the New Comments bar to close the notifier for the page. Refresh the page, and the notifier will reappear.

Hide the notifier widget across your entire network using CSS Customizations.


The comment notifier is not available on mobile devices.

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