Ban IP Addresses

You can ban IP addresses if a malicious user creates multiple accounts from the same IP address.

If a banned user begins to realize that no one is seeing their comments, they may decide to create a new user account, with a different username and avatar, and begin posting inappropriate or spam comments from this new, unbanned account. Your moderators may recognize the content as the same user, and verify this assumption by checking the IP address of the user posting the comments (from the Account Details page).

  1. Click + IP Address in the Banned IPs panel.
  2. Enter the IP Address in the field. To Ban a range of IP addresses, enter the range in the format “ -” (separate the IP addresses by spaces and a dash all in quotes) and click Save.
  3. Select an action from the pulldown menu (Trash, Premoderate, or Bozo content).
  4. Click the checkmark to save.

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