Moderate Users

The User Summary pane provides user information to aid moderation.

By default, it displays information for the author of the selected content. Click a flagger’s username to see their information instead.


Streamed content displays only the content’s source, and the author’s username and avatar (if available). User moderation is not available for Stream content authors.

The following information displays (if available) for each of your registered Livefyre users:

  • Username: their username for your network.
  • Display name: their display name for your network.
  • Avatar: their avatar for your network.
  • Total number of posts by the author across the network: links to a list of Content by that user in Studio. Total is displayed by the number of pieces Approved, Pending, Bozo’d, or Trashed.
  • Total #Flags: the total number of flags applied to this author’s posts.
  • Join date: the date they created a user account on your network.
  • Email: their listed email address.
  • IP Address: their IP address, as determined by Livefyre.
  • Bio: description of the user.
  • Bans: lists sites for which the user has been banned or Bozo’d.
  • Whitelists: lists sites for which the user has been allow-listed.

For more on how you can moderate users in the App Content tab, see Moderate Using App Content.

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