Moderate Content Using ModQ

Moderate content from a single, intelligent interface.

ModQ creates a real-time queue of all content across your site or network that matches premoderation rules you have defined, allowing your moderators to focus only on content that requires their attention.

Once you have defined ModQ settings, new content entering the stream, or existing content flagged by your users, will be added to your queue. Changes to your rules will not remove content from the ModQ, but will add new content to the queue according to your new settings.

ModQ allows you to:

  • Moderate in context, view entire threads, and Approve, Trash, or Bozo either individual pieces of content or complete threads in one click.
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow.
  • Reply to content, increasing your involvement with your community.
  • Enable multiple moderators to work through content, without duplicating each other’s work.

Livefyre content is listed in ModQ for up to 6 weeks, and premoderated streams content that has not been addressed is listed in ModQ for 90 days.


A single piece of content may be listed multiple times if it matches multiple rules for inclusion in ModQ. For example, if a piece of content triggers a user flag rule for Offensive, then later triggers another rule for Profane, it will be listed in ModQ twice.

Content that is not displayed in ModQ includes:

  • Trashed content.
  • Content approved by a moderator.
  • Content posted by a banned user, or user flags applied by a banned user.

Navigating ModQ

ModQ is split into two tabbed panels:

  • Items lists all Livefyre-native and SocialSync content slated for moderation. This tab includes any Social Search or Stream content which has been flagged or edited after moderation.
  • Streams Premoderation lists all content entering your Apps from Streams with Premoderate enabled. (For more information, see Creating Streams.)

Both tabs offer many of the same filters and moderation tools.

  • Item Count The number of items remaining in the queue is displayed in the top left corner of ModQ.

  • Filter Click Filter to define parameters by which content will be listed in the pane.

  • History Click the History button at the top right of the screen to open a list of recently moderated content, allowing you to review your work, or to change a recent moderation action. Click the button again to return to your queued content. Only your 100 most recent actions will be displayed. History will not list actions taken by another moderator.

  • User Pane Click the expand or collapse buttons at the top right of the page to open or close the User pane.

Understanding ModQ Content

Each listed piece of content displays preview information, including the site where it was posted and its author. Selecting an item will display the entire piece of content including any media.


Livefyre-native content will display more information than content added to your App through Streams or other social media sources.

The following information displays when you select an item:

  • Time in Queue: lists the amount of time the piece of content was added to ModQ.

  • App name: the App in which the content appears. Links to the site with the App.

  • Content Body: text and media thumbnail, if available.

  • Status: the content’s current state (Pending, Trashed, and etc.).

  • Author information: the author’s name and username.

  • Timestamp: the relative timestamp of when the content was created. Permalinks to the piece of content in Studio’s App Content page.

  • Flag Type: Offensive, Disagree, Spam, and etc.

    • SAFE flags: Spam and Bulk.
    • Flag applied by your Network and Site Profanity List: Profanity.
    • Flags applied by SAFE: Hate speech, PII (Personally Identifiable Information), Insult, and Profanity.
    • User Flags: Spam, Off-topic, Offensive, and Disagree.
  • Flag origin: the listed flag’s source. May be SAFE, a username, or Livefyre.

  • More info: lists details for the content, including the number of Likes, User Flags, Replies, and any tags applied to the content. Clicking the Site opens top level page of the site on which the content is located. Clicking the timestamp opens a threaded view of the content in context on the page.

Filter Options in the ModQ

Click Filter in the top left of the ModQ window to open a panel with available filter options for listed content. As you select options, ModQ will automatically update to list only your filtered content. Click Clear filters to clear all selected options, and reload the complete list of items.

Different filter options are available for the Items and Streams Premoderation tabs.

The following options are available for the ModQ under both Items and Streams Premoderation:

  • App. Use the Search Apps field to filter results by App. Multiple Apps may be selected.

  • System Flags. Filter content by rules like Spam, Profanity, SAFE, and Premoderation rules.

    • Selecting Spam will list all content tagged as Spam by SAFE.
    • Selecting Profanity will list all content tagged Profane by your Network or Site Profanity List.
    • Selecting SAFE will list all content entering ModQ as a result of your SAFE Rules.
    • Selecting Premoderation will list all content tagged for Premoderation by your Network, Stream, or App Settings.
  • User Flags Filter content by user flags. Options include Offensive, Spam, Off-topic, and Disagree.

  • Rights Requests. Display only content with rights granted by clicking the checkbox.

  • Entered the queue. Filter content by the time frame during which content was sent to ModQ. The time content was sent to ModQ is not necessarily the time at which content was posted to its App.

The following options are available for the ModQ under Streams Premoderation:

  • Social Source Filter content by the social source from which the content originated. For example, options of social sources include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and RSS.

The following option is available for the ModQ under Items:

Moderation Recommendations. Filter content by the recommendation given by the automated Moderation Recommendation.

The following images show what Moderation Recommendations look like in ModQ:

The moderation recommendation is given for content when it is set up in Network Settings > Moderation and Network Settings > ModQ.

Actions You Can Use in ModQ

You can decide what to do with each piece of content in the ModQ.

Select one of the following options:

  • The Checkbox icon to approve the content

  • The Trash can icon to send the content to trash

  • Request Rights to request the rights to the content from the content owner.


    You cannot request rights in ModQ for content from Instagram. You must use the Library or App Content to send rights requests for content from Instagram.

  • Feature and Approve to approve the content and also feature the piece of content.

  • Product Tag and Approve to add a product from your product catalog to the content and then approve it.

  • Mark as Pending to mark the content as pending.


Once you trash a piece of content, the piece of content and all replies to the piece of content are removed from ModQ permanently. To put a trashed piece of content in an App, see Add a Trashed Item Back Into an App.

If content is already in the desired state, choosing Trash, Bozo, or Approve will confirm the state and remove the item from the list. Moderating a piece of content will immediately remove it from your queueand will deactivate it in other moderators’ queues.


Stream content may not be Bozo’d. Trashing Stream content will remove it from the Stream permanently, and cannot be undone.

Once content has been moderated, it will be removed from the moderator’s ModQ, and its author can no longer edit it from within the stream. If a moderator dismisses an item, or if a user deletes their comment, it will appear greyed out in other moderators’ queues in real-time. When content has been greyed out, the Clear Moderated button displays on the page, allowing moderators to remove it from their lists, and maintain their place on the page regardless of other moderator activity.

Using the Trash Function in ModQ

Use the settings section to select options available when content is marked as Trashed.

  • Confirm Trash Enable this option to require that Moderators confirm their action when setting content to Trash. When enabled, selecting Trash for content will display a dialog asking for a Reason for Moderation, and offer a field in which a Note may be entered.

    (This setting is available only at the network level, and will apply for all sites under your network.)

  • Hide Replies Enable this option to automatically trash replies when a parent comment is trashed or Bozo’d.

Change User Status in ModQ

Click the User actions button from the User Summary panel to Mute, Ban, or Allow-list the user.

  • Mute: allows you to Mute Flags from the user who flagged the listed piece of content. Use this option to exclude the user’s flags from your premoderation filters. Content they flag will not enter ModQ as a result of the flag, and their flags will not be included in Flag Rules.
  • Ban: allows you to ban the listed user from your site or network. (Only Studio Administrators or User Managers may network ban a user.)
  • Whitelist: allows you to allow-list the listed user for your site or network. (Only Studio Administrators or User Managers may network allow-list a user.)

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