Moderate Content from a Stream

Moderate content that comes from a Stream using the Library.

Moderators can approve or reject pending comments directly from the stream, using the Library.

To moderate pending content, simply mouse over the Pending button.

The Pending button changes and you can select whether to Deny ( x) or Approve ( ) the comment.

Mouse over the comment space and the following moderation options display:

  • Ban user: bans the user from adding content to the site.


    This option is site-specific, and will not ban the user from your entire network. For Sidenotes, users may be banned only from within Studio, and not from within the stream.

  • Bozo: Bozos the content’s author. For Sidenotes, users may be Bozo’d only from within Studio, and not from within the stream.

  • Delete: Deletes the content from the thread.

  • Flag: Opens a Flag modal, allowing you to select a flag for the content (Spam, Offensive, Disagree, or Off-Topic), enter an email address to associate with the Flag, if desired, and add a note.

  • Share: Opens a Share modal, which allows you to share to Facebook or Twitter, edit the text, and include a permalink to the content itself.

  • Feature: Features the content.

Apps that use this feature:

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