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Allow users to post, edit, flag, delete, reply to and like content in your Collections, with a full range of rich text formatting options.

Livefyre Apps allow your users to post and interact with content seamlessly and intuitively. The Livefyre interface provides rich text and image input, the ability to Like, Flag, or Reply to others’ comments, as well as the ability to edit or delete your own, previous posts.


Users may post content when logged in by entering a comment or media link in the editor box and clicking Post comment.

To post content when not logged in, users enter a comment or media link in the editor, and click Post comment as…. The login window will appear to prompt a login.

(Most browsers allow 8,000 character comments; Internet Explorer allows 1,500 characters.)

Rich Text Formatting

Users may style comments using rich text formatting, including bold, italics, underline, and numbered and bulleted lists.


Rich text formatting is not available on mobile.


Users may reply to any comment in a thread by clicking the Reply link for that comment.

For Chat and Live Blog, replies may be enabled or disabled using the Collection’s settings within Studio.


Users must be logged in to like another user’s content, and may not like their own content.

The number of likes and up to four user avatars are displayed next to the Like button.

When liking content, the Like link will change to Unlike. Clicking Unlike will remove the avatar for that user and decrease the number by 1.


By default, users can edit their own content within 5 minutes of posting, by clicking the Edit link to open an Edit text box.

You may disable this feature at the Collection level using the Settings panel of Studio. The Settings panel may also be used to change the time during which comments may be edited at the network level.

Moderators may edit user content at any time, both inline in the stream and from the Content panel.


Users may delete their own content at any time by clicking Delete (displayed when hovering over the content). Moderators may click Delete to remove any user’s content. ( Delete is not available on mobile.)


When a user deletes their own content, it is removed from your network and is no longer displayed in Studio.


Users may Flag another user’s content by clicking the Flag link displayed when hovering over the content.

Clicking this link will display the Flag modal, allowing users to flag the content as Offensive, Disagree, Off Topic, or Spam. An optional Note and email address may be added with the flag.

Users do not need to be signed in to flag a comment, allowing anyone to flag a comment for moderation, without having to create an account.

To discourage other users from simply flagging flagged content, flagging a comment does not change its display. Flags are visible only to moderators, who may use Studio to search and view by flag. Moderators may also enable emails to notify them immediately when a comment is flagged in moderated conversations.

If a moderator flags a comment as Spam, the comment will immediately be set to the Bozo state and removed from the stream. The Spam Filter will be updated and improved for your network, based on this action.

You may also create Moderation Rules, to automate the actions taken on flagged comments.


Streamed content may be sorted by age, newest first (default) or oldest first, by clicking the Newest or Oldest links at the top of the stream.


  • Collapse Replies

    Replies may be expanded or collapsed in the stream by clicking the + / - buttons above the replies.

  • Collapsed View

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