Content Behavior Features

Livefyre offers features in Apps that allow you to choose how site visitors view App content.

Streaming Real Time

Livefyre Apps stream content in real-time when content is published manually from Studio or from a content stream. this means that newly published content will appear in the app without the end user needing to refresh the App page.

Apps that use this feature:


Choosing the number of pieces of content to show in the app. For some apps, you can choose whether to use a “show more” button or allow continuous scroll through content.

Apps that use this feature:

Items to Load

The ability to set the initial a number of items to load when viewing the app.

Apps that use this feature:

Queue Comments

Stop live streaming and queue content at the top of the stream to control high velocity conversations.

Use Queue Comments to provide a better user experience with high velocity conversations. Designed to encourage thoughtful reading, rather than a real-time experience of posted comments, this feature queues new comments at the top of the stream, and displays a counter of the number of new posts, rather than the posts themselves. Clicking on this number streams the oldest 10 comments into the conversation. Clicking again will stream the next 10. As new replies are posted, they are added to the queue.

The Queue comments feature is available for Comments, and may be set at the network, site or conversation levels, from Studio’s Settings tab.

Apps that use this feature:

Throttle Content

Throttle content using intelligent rules to control high velocity conversations.

Use Throttle Content to control high velocity chats, when the real time nature of the content is important. When enabled, Throttle Content throttles high velocity content streams, and displays only content that the system deems most “intelligent.”

When this feature is enabled:

  • Users see their own content stream into the page, because is will be deemed “intelligent content” for that user.
  • Users can view all previous content upon page load or refresh.
  • Moderators will not experience a throttled stream; they see all content stream in.
  • Because Moderator-generated content is deemed intelligent, it will always stream into the Collection for all users.

If the velocity drops, Livefyre will display all content, streaming in real-time.

This feature may be enabled at the Collection level using Collection Settings in Studio. You may not Throttle Content at the network or site level.

Apps that use this feature:

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