Use your URL shortener to customize content permalinks.

Permalinks allow you to link to archived comments or content within your streams. To enable this feature, Livefyre uses a default URL format:****. This format may be customized to match your standard format.

Permalink display

If users click a permalink from a social network to a Livefyre content app, they will be taken to the Livefyre content stream. The content will be displayed in a breakout view of the stream, just below the editor, with full context displayed. A blue line will be shown below the avatar for the permalinked content. (This blue line will disappear after a few seconds.)

(If permalinked content is deleted, a message to that effect will be displayed in the breakout view.)

Custom Permalinks

If you wish to create custom permalinks for comments when sharing conversations, you may use your Bitly account, rather than the standard Livefyre shortened URL ( Using your Bitly account will help remind users that they will be visiting content on your site when clicking on a permalink.

To implement this feature, go to Studio > Settings > Integration Settings > Social Sharing, and enter your Bitly API Key and username.


To avoid unnecessary URLs created on your behalf, Bitly permalinks are generated on an as-needed basis.

Apps that use this feature:

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