Custom Call-to-Action Button

Custom Call-to-Action Button

Custom Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are buttons that can be added to any asset in Livefyre Studio to make the content actionable. They can refer an end-user to any customized URL, such as a social media page or a shopping cart. CTA buttons can be created in multiple locations in Livefyre, but they are managed within the Settings section of Livefyre Studio.

With Custom CTAs, you can:

  • Add custom CTA buttons to any piece of UGC in your Livefyre media walls, mosaics, carousels, film strips, and on individual feature cards.
  • Have control over the message, icons, colors, links, and number of buttons on each piece of UGC.
  • Create, manage, and repurpose custom CTA buttons from within Settings and the Library.
  • Use Adobe Analytics to measure click-through rates.

Create a Custom Call-to-Action Button

Task Context

  1. In Livefyre Studio, click Settings.

  2. In the left rail, click CTAs.

    The CTA library will appear, where CTAs can be created and organized within folders. 1. Click Create CTA.

  3. Fill in the fields with the desired customizations and a button preview will render at the bottom of the Create CTA screen.

  4. Click Create.

    The CTA button is now available to be added to any asset.

Add a Custom Call-to-Action Button to an Asset

Add a CTA button to any piece of content in Livefyre Studio.

  1. In Livefyre studio, navigate to Library > All Assets.

  2. Select on one or more assets in which to add a CTA button.

  3. Click CTAs.

  4. Select the desired CTA button from the list, then click Add.

    The CTA button will now appear on the selected asset.


    In order for the custom CTAs you associate with each asset to display in an App, you must enable CTA Buttons in the App settings:

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