Accessibility Features

Livefyre Identity and Apps contain accessibility features to allow all site visitors to interact with content, including those who may use screen readers and other assistive devices.

Livefyre emphasizes the following areas in making sure Livefyre Identity and Apps are accessible to site visitors:

  • Structure
    • Pages use page title and header tags that screen readers can read
    • Tab order of elements follows a logical order
  • Keyboard and Focus
    • Elements are focused and visible when using the keyboard
    • Focus order is intuitive
  • Content
    • All links and non-text content have unique ARIA labels and alternative text
  • Presentation:
    • Browser zoom can be used without breaking the structure
    • Content renders well at 200% zoom level
    • Color contrast ratio is at or above the 4.5:1 standard
    • Images, cards, links, and graphics all visible in high-contrast mode

Accessibility features for Livefyre Apps only apply to the Apps themselves. The UGC in the Apps (for example, video closed-captioning and image descriptions) are only accessible if the content owner has added these accessibility features to the content.

To test that an App is working with accessibility features, you can:

  • Turn on a screen reader (for example, Voiceover on a Mac or Apple device or Narrator on a PC) to read the page that contains the App out loud. Using a screen reader verifies that the content is available

  • Tab through an App and attempt to use it using only the keyboard to verify that you can access each button or link in a logical manner.

  • Change the zoom level and contrast ratios to see if the content renders in a readable and easy-to -view manner.

Apps and Livefyre features that are accessible:

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