Create a Facebook App for Use with Livefyre Identity

You can use Livefyre Identity with Facebook to allow users to use their Facebook logins to interact with Apps on your site.

To allow your users to log in with their Facebook credentials, Livefyre requires the following Facebook app information:

  • App ID
  • App Secret

To create a Facebook app for use with Livefyre Identity:

  1. Go to

  2. Log into your Facebook developer account.

  3. Click Add New App or select an existing App for use with Livefyre Identity.

  4. Click Settings, then Basic. Enter a Contact Email address, Display Name, Privacy Policy URL, and Terms of Service URL.

  5. Click the plus sign ( +) next to Products.

  6. Click on Set Up under Facebook Login.

  7. Click Settings and set up the following:

    • Set Client OAuth Login to Yes.
    • Set Web OAuth Login to Yes.
    • Set Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs to Yes.
    • Set Enforce HTTPS for Web OAuth Login to Yes.
    • Under Valid OAuth redirect URLs, add the URL{networkName}/api/v1.0/public/profile/social/complete/facebook_fyre (where {networkName} is your Livefyre-provided network name).
  8. Under App Review:

    • Make the App public.
    • Ensure that the Approved Items for Login Permissions include email, public_profile, and user_friends.

When complete, the Facebook developer’s Dashboard page will list your App ID and App Secret for use in Studio’s Integration Settings.

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